Silvia Nakkach

Silvia_Nakkach_smallSilvia Nakkach, M.A.,M.M.T., is a pioneer in the field of sound, transformation of consciousness and music shamanism. She is an award-winning composer, an author, a voice-culturist, and a former psychologist in Argentina. As a recording artist she has released six CD-albums. She is the founding director of The Vox Mundi School, an international project devoted to teaching and preserving indigenous musical traditions and combining music, service and spiritual practice. She has contributed an extensive body of therapeutic vocal techniques that have become landmarks in the fields of sound healing and cross-cultural music therapy training. She presents internationally at universities, medical and music and sound therapy conferences and facilitates ongoing international training programs. Nakkach was selected by UTNE READER Magazine as being one of 40 international artists who will shake the art world.


…Her talent makes for music that at times recalls the “mystical minimalism” of modern composers like Arvo Part, at other times ranges from Latin and Indian sonorities, but always feels ambitious,… and could probably hold a tough New York club audience spellbound.” Jon Spayde, UTNE READER

Nakkach is a master teacher that brings the discipline of a classicist and the poetic imagination of the indigenous wisdom to her unique approach, which challenge students to sing and create music beyond cultural boundaries, incorporating profound changes into their lives.” Bonnie Lowen, Ph.D, Music Professor, student of the Vox Mundi Programs.

Nakkach voice has something resembling spiritual luminosity” – Berkeley Express, Berkeley, Ca

In his book The Mozart Effect, author Don Campbell, refers to Silvia as the Argentinean Muse, “ Silvia’s magical voice take us from the spirits of South. America to Arcturus. May we dance along.” Don Campbell



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