Jack Gates

The musical career of guitarist Jack Gates includes live performance, recording, composition and music production in Northern California.  From early studies with masters of Jazz, Classical, Latin and North Indian music,  Jack has developed a broad range of guitar styles.

Jack Gates has performed with Marcos Silva,  Kit Walker,  Claudia Gomez,  Juanita Newland Ulloa,  Jeff Narell, Daria, Quique Cruz, Silvia Nakkach, Klezmania,  Liza Silva,  Chalo Eduardo, David Belove,  Chuck Metcalf, The Blake Street Hawkeyes and Monica Pasqual.

In 2004 Jack Gates and sitarist Tim White launched the label WhiteGates Records to promote creative acoustic music. The CDs Earth Messenger and Morning Song Evening Song  were nominated for several NAR Lifestyle Awards and both recordings reached the Top 100 New Age/Ambient/World Radio Charts.

Jack Gates’ CD Earth Messenger has received radio airplay on over 300 stations worldwide.  His song, The Wanderer, has received extensive airplay on Sirius FM Satellite Radio.

Jack’s  new CD, Voyage of the Troubadour 2012, features songs and guitar solos by Jack Gates, lyrics and vocals by Sharyl Gates.



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