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of the Red Dorje Drolo Stupa Project

“Building stupas is one of the highest techniques to
transform negative energy into positive energy,
cure illness and accumulate
timeless merit.
“If individuals with faith aid in the stupa’s construction,
circumambulate it, or make offerings to it…
their merit increases tremendously.”
~ Lama Tharchin Rinpoche  

Steps to Complete the Red Dorje Drolo Stupa Mandala 
Work has been ongoing on the Stupa Park. We have most recently completed
the grading around the stupas. Moving forward these are the construction milestones.  

(1) Infrastructure ($70,000)
Remaining site work includes improving sections of the road to the stupa mandala so that concrete trucks and other equipment can access the site. There is additional grading that needs to be done at the site and drainage installed.

(2) Auspicious Fence ($64,000)
The auspicious fence and individual stone stupas around the perimeter of the 8 major stupas will be supported by 52 granite columns. A concrete foundation will be poured, and attached to this will be stainless steel shoes that will secure the columns. On top of the columns a concrete fencetop will be poured in place, and this will be wrapped in granite tile and become the support for the 152 stone stupas. The stupas will be sealed, then fixed into position along the fencetop. Finally, the 42 red, iron fence panels and 4 gates will be fixed to the sides of the columns.

(3) Interior Mandala Courtyard ($51,000)
The courtyard inside the auspicious fence has been designed in a beautiful mandala pattern. Colored granite tiles in red, blue and gold will be laid on top of a poured concrete base.

(4) Exterior Korwa Path ($15,000)
The base for a 400 x 7 foot korwa path will be prepared and covered with either tile or pavers.

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“By this accumulation of merit, may I obtain all-seeing omniscience
and may all faults be defeated.
The whirling, turbulent waves of birth, aging, sickness
and death—from this ocean of samsara, may I liberate beings.”
~ Translated by Dungse Thinley Norbu Rinpoche