img_8871Namdrol Pemay Gatsal, the seat of the red Dorje Drolo Stupa, is located at the Pema Osel  Ling Retreat Center in the Santa Cruz Mountains and is envisioned as a “holy place of pilgrimage for many generations to come”. The red Dorje Drolo stupa in particular, subdues negative forces, liberates upon seeing, and is one of the eight stupas representing the life events of the Joyous Buddha.

The Sanskrit word stupa has been translated in Tibetan as chorten which means sacred support worthy of receiving offerings. It is a sacred support of ultimate enlightenment and a support for beings to cultivate merit.

There are many beautiful histories on the creation of stupas throughout Tibet, Nepal and India. The building of stupas is one of the highest techniques to accomplish the transformation of negative energy into positive energy, alleviating suffering by causing positive circumstances.

The benefits of this great shrine are enjoyed by those who join their knowledge of the monument’s qualities with sincere faith and purely motivated intent. When such individuals aid in the construction of a stupa, prostrate to it, circumambulate it, make offerings to it, the force of their merit increases tremendously.

~ Lama Tharchin Rinpoche  ~