Sponsor one of the remaining 33 stupas

Last Friday, August 2nd, we moved the small stupa from in front of the Red Dorje Drolo Stupa. This was a major milestone in preparing the area for the completion of the stupa project.

Lama Tharchin Rinpoche and Lama Sonam Rinpoche envisioned that the original 8 stupas would be completed with a mandala of colored tiles, korwa paths, and 120 additional stupas atop an iron fence decorated with auspicious symbols .
As an honored sponsor,  your name or the name of a loved one, business or group,   will be inscribed on the base of the stupa –  visible for generations!
This opportunity is limited,  as there are only
33 stupas remaining to be sponsored.
Present conditions require acts of faith in the dharma.  Sponsoring a stupa for ourselves or others, as an individual or part of a group, brings our faith into the material world, while creating vast merit for all beings. Make your offering today, in honor of Chökhor Düchen, a great wheel day when merit is increased inconceivably!

To become a major sponsor for the groundwork, tiled mandala courtyard or auspicious fence, please contact the office@vajrayana.org directly.

May all beings benefit!
The Red Dorje Drolo Stupa Team


Source:  https://conta.cc/31hMtI1