The Stupa work weekend was an amazing success!

At 10 am on Saturday and Sunday, March 23 & 24, around 20 people gathered to clear the land for Phase One of the Dorje Drolo Completion Project. Chainsaws buzzed and dead trees toppled. Others eagerly scrambled to amass a huge mound of trees, branches, and greenery from the cuttings. Lama Sonam tirelessly fed the roaring tree chipper machine as the cuttings were heaved into it’s grinding cavity. A small crew cleaned the stupas, gently sponging the dirt and leaves away that had accumulated over the blustery winter. Tattered prayer flags were pulled down from the tall redwood trees.

It was a cacophony of action, with everyone pitching in – cutting, dragging, moving, and cleaning. There was a joyful camaraderie as we worked among the peaceful energy of the Stupa mandala. On both days, lunch was an incredibly delicious meal of vegan chili and sides. By Sunday afternoon, the space was cleared and everyone pleasantly tired, yet satisfied knowing that the Dorje Drolo project is now one step closer to completion – thanks to our wonderful team of volunteers!

~ France Nance, Author

Red Dorje Drolo Stupa Project

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