Drawa Dra Che completion date: Tibetan New Year March 5, 2011

Namdrol Pemay Gatsal (Lotus Grove of Liberation) named by Lama Tharchin Rinpoche, is a mandala of eight stupas at Pema Osel Ling. These stupas are a miraculous display of the completely clear and flawless buddha nature that all sentient beings possess. They are powerful objects that transform negative and imbalanced energy, a truth that many who visit experience directly.  Pema Osel Ling resident, Nirabhra Taylor describes her experience during that visit to this sacred space.

“Time stopped, the wind was still, and the trees were listening. The prayers penetrated the mirage of time and space.”

It is our great aspiration and intention to complete the stupa mandala by Saga Dawa May 25th 2010, an auspicious date chosen by our lamas.

Currently we are working on a very unique and elaborate ornamentation (drawa dra che) for the main body of the Red Droje Drolo stupa. It consists of interwoven garlands of sculpted jewels suspended from the mouths of seven wrathful faces around the circumference of the stupa. Attached to these will be small vajra bells with clappers made of a sun and moon. When you go to the stupa you will hear sound of bells tinkling in the breeze awakening the power of mantra and the vajra essence in this sacred grove. This ornamentation is all original sculpture work and will be done here under the direction of the lamas.


At this time and for a few more months, we are very fortunate to have a skilled artist at Pema Osel Ling who has the capacity to bring this vision to fruition. Our goal is to have this completed by Losar Day, March 5, 2011. The estimated cost to complete the drawa dra che is $7,500.

During a recent fundraising at Pema Osel Ling’s Thanksgivng Retreat, $5,000 was raised, leaving less than $3,000 to raise. Making a donation to this stupa-project will result in future benefit of liberation through seeing. You can help make this vision possible and invest in the future and your accumulation of merit.

Clink on this  LINK download, print and mail in a donation, or this LINK to make an online donation.

Please earmark your donation: stupa-project.



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